5 SEO Must Do After Google Core June2019 Update

Google Core Update June 2019

On 3rd June 2019 Google Core update impacted a huge number of website, the major affected areas were Gambling, Health industry and much more. This impact has made a lot of website owners/agency realize some of the key elements to work on to ensure their organic traffic does not get impacted in such updates.

Google every year makes multiple changes to its machine-learning algorithm to ensure that its search engine shows the best result to its user. Even if your website was not hit during this update, be very careful as it can be hit during any small updates as well. Below are 5 SEO important must-do points to ensure that your website is compliant as per the Google search engine.

1) Content: content was, content is and the content will always be the king and this is the primary reason why a lot of websites were impacted during the Google Core June 2019 Update. Some of the big names in the industry were hit as there content was pretty much rubbish with no user intent. The only purpose they were serving was to push the keywords in the website or to show the frequency they are posted at. Some key points to understand when publishing the content.

Content Creation infographic

  1. Basics are completely forgotten, some of the content writers are just writing content forgetting the basics of writing.
  2. Why is the content written?
  3. For whom the content is written?
  4. Is the content satisfying and fulfilling for a user?
  5. What is the outcome of this content?
  6. Content is missing the basic principles of Adult learning and is only text-based content with no relevant images, infographics or videos.

If the above elements are covered well in an article, it could turn the tables when it comes to SEO rankings and traffic. You will see a huge surge in traffic as you are meeting one of the biggest requirement of the machine learning AI brain, which in returns award the ranking on the search engine.

2) UI/UX: On multiple occasions, Google has directly or indirectly mentioned how important the UI/UX of a website is to its users. From user, journey to bounce rate, from Avg session duration to Avg page time load factor each factor keeps highlighting on fixing the UI/UX of the website.

User can come to your website however is the website is outdated and the pages are not mobile friendly the user will exit out right away and these are clear indications for Google to ignore your website and not to award any rankings and this has happened to a lot of website in the Google Core June 2019 Update.

Some of the NEWS websites had loads of AdSense ads on their page which further affected their page quality which in return affected their rankings for this page and overall affects your website. Keeping user ease of access at the heart of the website will always help in creating an effective website.

One of the key elements to key in mind when working on the UI/UX is the Mobile friendly website, not just the home page but also the internal pages. Make sure your website is super responsive to all the devices as these days mobile phone comes in all shapes and sizes.

3) Website Hosting: this element is often ignored a lot; I have seen a huge number of websites, which ignore the website hosting which in return affects the website load time. Again, form most website owners the home page is the priority page to have the low load time however they forget that it is the entire website, which matters including internal posts and pages.

When it comes to hosting many website owners will only see the cost and not the impact it will have on their website as Google keeps saying it over and over again that the website load time has now become an important feature and website owners need to focus on this. It is again an important highlight of the Google Core June 2019 Update.

One of the tricks that a website owner can do to save money on hosting is to enable AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) as this will help in loading the pages from Google’s cache and helps in quick loading of the page (Do Not enable this for your homepage only for the static pages or posts).

If you are a someone who is looking to create a new website with fast hosting, you can try GCP (Google Cloud platform) which offers $300 USD for 365 days and this hosting is super-fast. You can also try AWS (Amazon Web Services)

Another key element to keep in mind when it comes to website hosting where are you taking the server, most hosting providers in their plans offer to choose the location of the server. As per your targeted audience, please select the server as this will save your users anywhere from 2 – 3 seconds when accessing any posts or pages of your website.

Hosting for your Website Hosting You can choose







4) On Page: Even though you may have heard about On Page repeatedly, however, you will not believe how many websites misses basics of On Page. Till date, we see that some of the big names in the website world are not using or experimenting with Title Tags.

  1. Title tags are still using the same old SEO techniques, place the primary keyword, place the secondary keyword, and place the brand name. This is an old format, which does not work anymore.

Think if magazines used these types of title for their cover how will you feel about it, well that is how most Google users feel about your title tags. You need to have catchy titles, which should attract users to click on your website link and then read the content of that article. The more the CTR (Click through rate) the more Google will award ranking to that page.

  1. Meta Description is again targeted as the placeholder where you can target the desired keywords, which is not correct. If you leave the Meta description, empty Google will fill this on its own using the information on the page. Please try to understand what Google just did it used the information on that page and that is exactly what you should do. Instead of placing targeted keywords, you should give the user an insight into the content of the page.

In the below-shared image, you can see some of the important On-Page factors which can help you avoid any penalty from Google during the regular or core updates. 

  On Page SEO Factors

5). Backlinks: A tough cookie to crack, over the course of last 2 years backlinks is one area where Google has made a lot of changes and has penalized a huge number for website and continues to do so to the website which is still acquiring backlinks through paid channels (Fiverr, up work, Guru, etc.) or even using free channels to acquire backlinks. Few important factors to understand before looking out for backlinks.

  1. Do not use any off page technique to create backlinks this will not help in getting high DA for the website or rankings for the page.
  2. Do not rely on paid channels such as Fiverr or any other platforms to buy backlinks this will not achieve anything except wasting your money as in one of the updates your website will be hit.
  3. The best way to acquire backlinks is if you can create an RSS feed for your posts and after the content is indexed allow others to use that feed on their website.
  4. If you have to buy a backlink ensure you do so from a high DA website with authority of 60+ which is usually from a NEWS website and create a post where you offer your content and if possible do a short and crisp comparison between you and your competitor.
  5. Ensure the backlink has an Anchor text, which should be the targeted keyword for your page or website.
  6. Do internal linking of your pages and make sure you follow this practice all across the website. Link your Homepage every time you get a chance.

Following the above points and ensuring your website is built around it will help you in avoiding any major negative impact from Google updates also this will help you get a good boost during any of the updates. Most of the details I shared as basic hygiene of SEO however many times these are ignored as they are hardest to follow and website owners like the quick and easy option of getting on top pages of Google.

I hope you found the above article informative.

Published by Harmit Taunque (SEO Evangelist)

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