Are You Frustrated With SEO? Set Realistic Goals

SEO, which was once a Maryland has turned into a true nightmare, wherever you see either the clients are expecting SEO to run like a Google Ads performance campaign or loads of digital marketers mentioning they are getting tons of traffic even when they are not.

Everyone is rushing SEO and seems like a game to get traffic and then somehow monetize the traffic, all of this leading to an SEO person or team in frustration of showing or achieving the desired results.

If you are working in an SEO agency:

Either your sales team or someone from your company would pitch SEO to the client, will promise the moon to the customer, and will highlight SEO as a performance campaign, which will deliver results left, right and center.

One of the major contributor not taken into consideration is:

  • Competition:
    1. Efforts competition is pushing in for their website
    2. How long they are consistently doing it for
    3. Money and Resource competition is spending
    4. In E-commerce, products (numbers & Quality)
    5. Brand value, Google gives more advantage to the brand in search results.
    6. A number of competitors especially the Big Guys.

Just to give you an example if your competition is pushing in 30 unique and highly relevant content with a great user responsive website. Will you be able to beat that competitor or even come near it by pushing only 4 – 5 articles a month?

Now if the client’s budget is $300 (INR 21,000) every month no matter what strategy you create you will not be able to even create a small impact on the search engine, maybe in 2 – 3 years you may see some hopeful results.

Keep Calm SEO On

This is where things get frustrating in SEO.

In a situation like this where you have to work in a tight budget, writing 400 words 10 articles will never help. You should create one mega Pillar page of 4000 words. This page should cover all the elements of awesome content and should satisfy the customer. This page should have its own UI/UX. Create a few relevant CTA’s and ensure you spread this page using all the channels.

Show your client how these pages will create an impact and will drive traffic. These strategies should help you avoid those frustrating situation.

Work with the Content, creative, tech teams to ensure you have their support to create an amazing SEO optimized content/website.

Also at the start of the project do a client call or meeting to explain customer of the current position by doing benchmarking of keywords, traffic and other SEO KPI’s. This should help in setting realistic targets for you, which can be achieved in the desired time.

As a professional SEO person, you can leverage these elements to avoid being in a frustrating situation.

If you are an Individual working on the Website SEO:

This is where one can feel most frustrated and abandoned the website/project that you are working on, as you are the only one working on the website without any support or sometimes without even enough knowledge.

This can be very confusing also as every time you see a Video or read an article about SEO you are not sure if this will work as most marketer’s share tips however never show what was the outcome they achieved using that strategy.

Working on your own especially when you are also employed by a company further impacts your SEO as you are not able to dedicate enough time you wish you could.

Every time you post an article or do an activity for your website, you see very basic movement and nothing that shows a significant impact.

This is where I will ask you to set some very realistic goals for yourself:

  • Remember that your competitors did not get the first position of Google overnight; it took years of hard work for them to reach where they are.
  • You should only do the website for either learning how digital marketing works or if you really are passionate about writing on particular topics. If you love it, you will do it even you do not get traffic or make money. Getting Traffic or making money can be an add on however it should be your primary focus. Just enjoy writing.
  • Even if you see, 1% or 2% increase in Organic traffic you should be happy about that every day more pages or more users are able to see your page.
  • Focus heavily on Facebook & Twitter as these two platforms can be the most benefiting and help you give that boot in traffic, which keeps you going.
  • Do not look for overnight success or black hat techniques to get traffic.
  • Do not buy Backlinks or focus on backlink creation simply spread your content on all the platforms available.
  • Use platforms like Quora for QA, Blog Posting, etc. as you may see traffic coming from it.
  • Continue to optimize your website add things like Schema, AMP, etc.
  • Focus on what elements you can add which can help a user improve his journey on your website.

Remember you are a one-person army against a team of people working on your competitor’s website; give 1 hour of time every day to your website. If you cannot write every day, do some optimization. Do not get frustrated be patient and you will see results and that is a guarantee.

I wish you the best of luck for your current and future projects, for more articles visit the homepage.

Published by Harmit Taunque (SEO Evangelist)

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