Drive Social Traffic to your WordPress Website Automatically

Drive Social Traffic to your WordPress Website Automatically
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Social Media Auto Publishing toolYou must have heard multiple times experts mentioning to work on social media to drive traffic to your website. Well, let me help you with a Plugin for the WordPress website, which makes your life easy, and help you drive traffic to your WordPress website automatically.

Jetpack Plugin

One of the most effective ways to spread your content on social media accounts is through the Jetpack plugin, which does an awesome job; let me explain how it works.

Usually, to spread your content on social media accounts you have to set up the entire backend and follow procedures of Facebook, Twitter, etc. Then you have to wait for the approvals and all of this is a tedious time taking process, which is a nightmare if you have not done this in the past.

The easy way out if to Install the Jetpack plugin and then go in the settings and click on sharing once done it will ask you to connect your social media accounts and the pages you want to spread the content on, once done anytime you post an article on your website the Jetpack plugin will automatically post it all the social media accounts you connected.

JetPack Plugin image

Advantages of doing this automatically:

From platforms such as Facebook, you will see instant traffic coming to your website, from twitter you will see few clicks and response coming in. LinkedIn is a tough social media platform to crack however if your article holds some real insights or knowledge you will see that post also bringing a lot of traffic.

From AdSense prospective:

If you have AdSense installed on your website and the post is distributed using the Jetpack plugin, the Facebook posts will open in Facebook’s own Iframe which means the user will not see your Ads until unless it is Banner you have posted manually however if the user is coming from platforms like Twitter or LinkedIn than the user will see the Ads and your earning potential increases.

Few Additional Benefits of Jetpack plugin:

Jetpack connects using WordPress as the base which means all of this is connected using the WordPress base account for which you can install the WordPress and track the data on your Mobile phone. You can also view the stats of your website including how well posts are performing and other details as shown in below screenshot.

Jetpack Stats data


Jetpack also is connected Via Akismet, which helps you fight spam coming to your website, and you can use this to completely free for your own personal Blog or website.

Jetpack Spam blockage

Jetpack can help you with your website performance and allows you to speed up the image load time, Speed up static file load times. With the professional paid version you can even further customize and enhance the speed of your website from various elements.

Jetpack performance increase

It is very important for you to regularly post on social media accounts to gain followers, which in turn can lead to website visits, a plugin such as Jetpack helps you in getting this job done more effectively and covers all the social media platforms without the hassle of backend setup which can take a very long time.

Some Additional Social Posting Plugins are:

  1. Social Media Auto Publish
  2. Blog2Social: Social Media Auto Post & Scheduler 
  3. NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster

You can check out our homepage for more such articles, I hope you found this article informative and helps you out in spreading your content effectively.

Harmit Taunque (Digital Marketing Specialist)


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