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There are thousands of searches for “Free Website Hosting” everyone wants free website hosting as this involves a cost, which not everyone is ready to bear.

Developing a website on WordPress is one of the easiest options these days and when it comes to developing a website on WordPress there are few things you need:

1). Buy Domain Name (Godaddy, BigRock, Blue Host, etc.)

2). Buy Hosting: In hosting, you again have multiple options

                1). Linux Hosting

                2). WordPress hosting with CPanel: This hosting provides you with pre-installed WordPress on the hosting and gives access to CPanel to manage the website. For a Beginner, this option is an easy one as it allows the user to install WordPress quickly and start working on it.

3). Install a theme, there are loads of free themes available in WordPress and you can choose one which fits best and start to customize as per your requirement.

And off you go to start building your dream website, however all the above cost you money.

1). on average a .Com domain will cost you $5 (INR 350) – $7 (INR 500),

2). then you will have to spend a minimum of $30 (INR 2000) to get WordPress hosting for 1 year.

3). as there are loads of free themes, you can avoid this cost.

However, to start the website from the ground you will need to spend anywhere from $35 (INR 2500) to $50 (INR 3500) to start a website.

Few Free Options if you are not this Tech Savvy are:

1). Blogger

2). Wix

However above sites gives you a subdomain on their own website and has very basic customization options, this is not a good way to start your own website and is just a bad substitute.

One should completely avoid these options.

The Best Free website Hosting Option:

As we have shared the cost involved in launching the website, you could see that hosting was the most expensive part. Let me help you eliminate this cost.

You can use Google offered platform called Google Cloud Platform (GCP), using this platform you can host your website and deploy WordPress on this platform to start building your website.

GCP offers you a $300 USD free trial for 365 days that means you have around INR 22000 to be used in an entire year, which is a sufficient amount to run a good website, which can handle up to 1000 users on a daily basis easily.

How to Start from Scratch for GCP?

1). Create a Gmail ID, using this ID log in GCP

2). Google will ask you a few details and will ask you to verify a payment method, do not worry Google after finishing the trial will not charge this card.

3). Google will deduct 1 INR from your saved card to verify if the card is correct, once done it will then give you $300 USD credit to your account.

4). you will get the reversal of this 1 INR either after some time or when you close the account.

5). Once you log into your account you will then have to install WordPress by Bitnami in deployment manager. (I have shared a detailed guide on how to install WordPress with Screenshots below)

6). Once WordPress is installed also install SSL certificate FREE, using the SSH.

7). Point your domain by adding the name server details on your domain provider website and you are done.

To install and deploy the above setup, there are some awesome videos by a channel on YouTube called OnePageZen, they also have a website with screenshots. On their website, the commands you need to run are there. This will help you deploy WordPress on GCP very quickly.

Some of the Links for YouTube Videos:

1). Setup and Install WordPress on Google Cloud Platform (Bitnami)

2). How to Transfer an Exact Copy of your WordPress Website to Google Cloud Platform

3). How to Reserve a Static IP Address on Google Cloud

4). How To Remove Bitnami Info Page Banner From WordPress

5). Setup Free SSL for WordPress on Google Cloud (Bitnami)


Google Cloud Platform Free Tier

Benefits of GCP:

1). It is super-fast, better than AWS (Amazon Web Services)

2). Managing the website is super easy as there is loads of documentation and videos available.

3). If you need to increase speed to make your website faster, it can be done in a second. Simply go to compute engine, select your instance, and change the server you want. GCP offers loads of different servers you can choose from or create your own as per your requirement.

4). Can be accessed from anywhere in the Globe or even from the GCP APP.

5). Have tons of additional features, which can allow you to host a variety of different things.

6). Regular updates from Google including webinars, training materials and much more is offered.

7). No downtime as it is powered by Google.

8). Continuation after Trial is over is very easy as all you have to do is click on Upgrade option which shows on the right-hand top corner.

Note: Once Upgraded on GCP from Trial you will NOT be able to bring it back to the trial version, the good thing is if you are in trial time till you do not consume the money or reach the 365 day period Google will not charge you.

If you are a beginner or even an expert who is not sure about the website he or she is developing or if the project you are trying to build will be a success than GCP is your best bet.

There is a ton of learning when you deploy WordPress or any other element on GCP and it is great fun as this is the latest and newest tech out there.

Sharing below a screenshot of how GCP Console Looks when you login

Google Cloud Console Screen Shot

I wish you happy learning without any cost involved. For more such articles, visit our HomePage

Published by Harmit Taunque (SEO Evangelist)

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