Quora SEO Digital Q&A Session 2nd July 2019

Q1). How can I use email marketing to send business promotions with maximum open rates?

Ans1). One of the best platforms with amazing open rate is Mail chimp however when it comes to sending bulk emails the cost is expensive.

If you want to send email to 2000 contacts, Mail chimp offers it free.

Q2). Is GTMetrix really helpful in SEO?

Ans2). GTMetrix, Pingdom they are all good, however, when it comes to waterfall test which is what is done in Google Chrome by Google to check website speed, you should go for

Website Performance and Optimization Test

Compare your mobile site speed

Using the above-mentioned tests can help you with website SEO.

Also, learn about how to create a website with Free Website Hosting

Q3). Why Post Planner is considered the best social media marketing tool?

Ans3). Hubspot is the best platform to manage your social media post calendar and another tool, which can help you in listening to what is trending on social media, is Hootsuite.

When combined they can create a very effective Social media posting platform.

Post planners can help you decide in advance, what you want to target and what events to targets for that month and the most important point is the graphics, which need to create for the posts.

This advance planning helps in creating strong social media strategies and if you are in a client facing an environment that this is absolutely necessary to take approval.

Harmit Taunque (SEO Evangelist)

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