Quora Digital Q&A Session 8th July 2019 – Website Traffic

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Q1). What is the best way to use search insights to ace your marketing tactics?

Ans1). Search Insight is the key to understand what is working for and what is not.

Some Important insights, which can really help:

1). Connect your GA to your Google search console and then see how many clicks and impressions are you getting and for which query (Keywords), you can leverage this to create and update your keywords list and ensure you rank higher for highest performing keywords.

2). Page/website speed is a huge thing for Google, check website page speed in GA and see which pages are the slowest and optimize these pages by optimizing images, etc.

3). Setup Goals in GA to check if you are able to meet them, you can set up a goal on Avg Session duration and many more elements.

4). In GA Check which referral is performing best and continue to focus on it and ensure you create separate content alone for that referral platform.

Hope the above topics help you; do check how you can host website free on Google Cloud platform with detailed steps.

Q2). What are the limitations of WordPress?

Ans2). WordPress is an ever-growing platform, which holds tremendous opportunities for both Developers and non-developers.

I have been using WordPress for over 4 years now and have not seen any limitations.

As WordPress is built on PHP which is an easily modifiable language.

So if you want a unique custom feature for your website, a developer could build it for you and integrate it with your existing website.

Every plugin in WordPress is a piece of code enhancing WordPress capabilities and removing the limitations.

Q3). What steps should an amateur take to increase traffic on its newly created blog?

Ans3). There are quite a few when it comes to increasing traffic for your website.

Firstly you should not focus on traffic coming from Google Search Engine, your focus should be to get traffic for any source relevant to your website.

What you can do to get traffic.

1). Take time and create amazing content, even if you are creating 4 – 5 in a month.

2). Promote the content in all the forums, Social Media platforms and leave links for users to come back.

3). Try to capture users email id for future targeting using subscribe now or push notification.

4). Ensure you get the content indexed on both Google & Bing Search engines.

5). If you are targeting the USA than also target additional Social media accounts like (Reddit etc).

I hope this help, also read more about how SEO OFF Page activities on below link.


Harmit Taunque (SEO Evangelist)

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