Quora Website Q&A Session 22nd July 2019

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Q1). How can we delete no-follow backlinks for a website?

Ans1). There is no manual way of deleting backlinks as these links are not on your website and they are present on a third party website which you do not control.

You can use tools like SEMRush to disavow the backlinks, what this means tools like SEMRush notify the bots to not consider the backlinks.

Once you disavow it can take Google anywhere from 6 – 8 weeks to consider the same.

If the No follow is coming from a website which is of your website relevancy, my suggestion will be not to remove the No follow.

I have shared below the screenshot of where to go in SEMRush to disavow the backlink.

I hope this is helpful, also learn about Should You Do SEO OFF Page? Dos & Don’ts – Current Trending

Q2). How much success did you have with SEO techniques, as proposed by Neil Patel?

Ans2). One of the great things about Neil Patel is how he describes targeting the content on a website, he explains it an amazing way.

he knows the effort which goes in generating content and wants other marketers to ensure they are writing some good content which can actually benefit users and what elements to cover when generating content.

Another awesome point is the tools he recommends to use which can benefit as these tools automate the process.

One of the tools he recommends is Buffer which helps to repurpose

Keep following Neil for great tips and insights, no shortcuts offered by him only how to do hard work smartly.

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Q3). What is the best keyword research tool for SEO in 2019?

Ans3). There are loads of tools for keywords research however when you combine these tools plus the manual efforts you get great results.

1). Keywords Everywhere is a great and free tool which can help you find keywords for a website.

2). You can also use a tool like SEMRush which can show what keywords the competition is ranking on.

3). Additional to this you can use Google Keywords planner for additional help.

4). Connect Google Search Console with Google Analytics and then view data in GA for the queries which are showing bringing traffic to the website. These queries (keywords) can also help in creating a good keywords list.

I use the above four for doing keyword research.

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