Should You Do SEO OFF Page? Dos & Don’ts

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Off Page in SEO has changed drastically, what once worked in SEO can get you penalized now. So when it comes to doing Off Page activities in SEO you have to know what to do and how to leverage it for your website.

Background of doing SEO OFF Page:

The primary reason for doing SEO OFF Page was to get good high DA backlinks and get referral traffic from it.

Soon most SEO people realized that the backlinks helped in getting the page move quickly on top pages for Google for the desired keyword.

Therefore, the focus went completely on creating backlinks from high authority websites. This is where things messed up, and suddenly people started buying backlinks, creating backlinks from forums, etc.

In the last few years, most of the website got smarter and if they had high DA for their website, they started selling backlinks.

Websites, which did not sell, placed the “No Follow” tag in the website, which ensured you do not get the benefit of a backlink.

Google Getting Smarter in SEO OFF Page:

Google also updated its algorithm and now knows if someone is manually creating a backlink or the backlink were created genuinely.

I have seen websites, which had 30,000 backlinks and only 10 organic visitors coming to their website.

So having more backlinks is not helpful at all.

Moz Getting Smarter in DA:

Moz recently penalized most websites, which sold these backlinks, and some website, which had a DA of 52, came down to DA of 2. However, I still see a lot of websites still selling backlinks and have not been penalized as they are NEWS website where it is hard for both MOZ & Google to understand if the link in Genuine or not.

I am quite sure in coming days they will be able to identify this also.

So coming down to SEO OFF Page Dos & Don’ts

Let us talk about Don’ts first:

1). Do not buy backlinks

2). Do not build PBN (Private Blog Networks, where you say how good your website is. I will offer you content please give me a backlink) this is heavy in time-consuming and takes huge efforts and most of the time you get nothing or a link from low DA website.

3). I have shared a comprehensive list of old school SEO OFF Page Link building below (Please Do Not do It), it is just a waste of time.

4). Do not waste time looking for new websites to post content from where you can get backlinks.

Social Media Icons for SEO Off Page

Now Let us talk about Dos of SEO OFF Page:

1). You should answer on forums for your niche and leave a link for the relevant page or just the homepage. This will help you in getting relevant traffic for your website. Even if the backlink will be a No follow, you will still get traffic.

For one of my client we saw 20% conversions coming from Quora and additional 10% from the niche Forums, this is just the conversions I am talking about. The actual traffic was really high and led us to explore more such websites.

2). If you have a paid budget look for backlinks from NEWS Website as they are your best bet.

3). Do social media postings where you drop links for the relevant pages, again the focus is to get more traffic from these referral websites.

4). Create an RSS feed for your content to be picked up and spread leading to the creation of backlinks (The best and most Organic way to build backlinks without any effort)


Even when the above steps will not get you a huge lot of High DA Do Follow Backlinks, doing the above-mentioned activities would surely get you good relevant traffic, which can also lead to conversion.

If you have a Blog website than the above can, help in capturing email ID for building a newsletter list.

The most important thing it will help in saving your precious time, which you can invest in writing good content or focusing on getting more traffic from these referral channels.

Hope this was helpful, for more such articles visit the Homepage.

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In the below chart you can see the links for Old school SEO OFF Page.

Bookmarking Sites Blog Ping Sites Search Engine URL


Bookmarking Sites Cont Directory URL Classified URL


Bookmarking Sites Cont Blog URL Business Listing URL

SEO OFF Page Infographic which can be helpful to understand the process.

SEO OFF Page Info graphic explaining the process

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